E-Commerce Website

ecommerce website design & online shops

We can develop an ecommerce solution to meet your demands at a cost-effective pricing for enterprises looking to break into the world of electronic commerce and broaden the sales reach of products and services utilizing the internet. We examine all parts of the sales cycle, from the original purchase to the purchasing procedure, delivery, and customer feedback after the product/service is delivered. The ecommerce solution can also include full order tracking, checking, and accounting systems.

Bespoke or open source ecommerce shops

We may create a custom eCommerce system for you or adopt an off-the-shelf open source solution like Magento, OS-Commerce, WordPress eCommerce, and many more to meet your requirements at a reasonable cost. We analyze all parts of the sales cycle, ordering process, and delivery for all of our customers’ eCommerce projects to assure the best solution for your online store. We can design a variety of eCommerce modules and functionalities for any level of sophistication.

Growing online shops

Online shops are Europe’s fastest-growing retail market; in 2015, online sales in the UK accounted for 16% of total retail sales. For many businesses today, online sales are a must-have sales channel; it’s no longer an option, but rather a need for success.

eCommerce websites that sell

The key to your online business’s success is selecting the correct ecommerce website. Immersive Media creates scalable ecommerce websites that are beautiful, fast, and error-free, all while providing a unique shopping experience for customers. Our online store websites include a basic interface that makes operating your online shop simple and effective for the shop owner. All of our online store websites are optimized to perform well in all search engines, allowing your online store to get better, faster ranks and, as a result, more sales.When you work with Immersive Media to create an e-commerce website, we assign you a dedicated project manager who will guide you through all stages of the development process, making it easier for you to make the best decisions at the right time. Our mission is to assist our customers from beginning to end; we not only design the best online store for your business, but we also work hard because your success is our success.

As a result, we present our customers with a detailed report on the optimal marketing approach for achieving the position, size, and ultimately sales goals that you establish for your online store. Our online shops include a lot of features, but we also have a lot of extra features if you need them. Customers can also choose entire customised e-commerce website solutions, which are tailored to the customer’s particular technical and design specifications. Immersive Media can deliver the product you need, no matter how big or small your project is.

  •  Customer Account Control
  •  Customer Accounts
  •  Automatic Passwords
  •  One-Click Refunds
  •  Product Variables
  •  Add and Manage Products
  •  Product Types
  •  Product Variables
  •  Inventory Management
  •  Reporting
  •  Dashboard
  •  Analyse Products and Orders
  •  Search Engine Optimisation
  •  Simplified Coupon System
  •  Discount Coupons and codes
  •  Product Reviews
  •  Owner Verification
  •  Control your Taxes
  •  Custom VAT calculations
  •  Geo-location enabled Taxes
  •  Select Customer Address
  •  Control VAT classes
  •  Control, display, taxes in your store
  •  Define VAT Rates
  •  Delivery Calculations
  •  Cart Calculator
  •  Delivery Prices
  •  Flexible Delivery destinations
  •  Restrict Sales
  •  Multiple Delivery Methods
  •  Take Control of the Checkout Process
  •  Set the default Currency
  •  Geo-Location Support
  •  Automatic Taxes
  •  Cart Behaviour
  •  Reduce Page Loading